This is The EE-Report on the Open Fields 2018: Global Control: International Conference on Art, Science, Technologies and Humanities that took place between September 13 – 15, 2018, at The National Library of Latvia, Conference Center.

The Open Fields conference is the annual gathering in Riga, Latvia, for international scholars and artists working at the intersection of arts, humanities and science. The Open Fields conference was launched in 2016 by Renewable Futures network. Every year the Open Fields conference gathers together more than 100 participants, representing 60 universities and institutions, as well as independent artists and researchers from more then 30 countries world-wide.

The Open Fields Conference is organized by RIXC in collaboration with Liepaja University's Art Research Lab and Renewable Futures network. This year, the OF conference is taking place in the framework of the Centenary of the Republic of Latvia Celebration Programme.”

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Bruce Sterling giving a keynote lecture on: “Multicolor Revolutions”.

Jens Hauser’s keynote lecture on: “Ungreening Greenness”.

Raivo Kelomees: “Privacy Experiments In Public And Artistic Spaces”.

Elke Reinhuber: “Shadow Reflex – And What Comes”.
Artist’s website:

Jasmina Tesanovic: “The Internet of Women Things”.
Artist’s website:

Ellen Pearlman: “Biometrics and Total Control”. Website:

Mauro Martino: “Fragile AI: Visualizing perturbations of Artificial Neural Network”.
Artist’s website:

Kristin Bergaust, Stephanie Hoebeke, Haakon Haraldsen Roen, Stefano Nichele, Benjamin Bocquillon, Heidi Dahlsveen, Henrik Lieng: “The convergence of art and artificial intelligence at OsloMet”.

Ilva Skulte, Normunds Kozlovs: “Technopoetical elements of media constructed reality: age of algorithmic imagination”.

Miha Artnak gave an artists talk: “Fake Good News”. Artnak presented two of his artistic interventions / hoaxes: “Dove & Peace”, a fake story about a painting created with doves feces, that has been sold for 1.2 million dollars, and “Bitcoin City (BTC City)”, presenting a fake story about a city in Slovenia who’s economy runs entirely on Bitcoin.
Artists website:

MOON Martina Zelenika: “A secret way of communication: The perfect language that the global control system can not control”. Artist’s website:

EE #3, 2018: Dangerous Art

EE #3, 2018: Dangerous Art